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Content Marketing Campaigns

Driven by Story, Strategy, & Creativity
Content Strategy

We’ll create a clear goal and purpose that aligns your content with your brand’s values and most pressing business goals.

Content Creation

We’ll create original content tailored to the needs of your business and the wants of your audience.

Content Marketing

We’ll find where your audience hangs out online to give your content the best chance of engagement.

Content Consistency

We’ll create a content schedule designed to build a trust with your audience and not leave them hanging.



Dedicated to helping people living with diabetes reach their fitness goals



Inspiring NFL fans to get Louder

We started a crucial meeting we had yesterday with the video. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room at the end of it. Thanks to you, we’ve discovered the perfect formula for having a successful business meeting. Thanks for doing such a great job!

Matt WaltonChairman, Fitscript

You're a freaking genius!

Charles O'ConnellFounder, Fitscript

Getting great feedback on the video. Had a dude just call me up and tell me that the story brought him to tears. You're great at what you do!

Braxton DardenFounder, Fitness B Training

Keivon is a marketing genius!

TheMadFanaticSports Personality

Story & Strategy are not after thoughts of

your digital marketing campaign.

They are the difference makers that separate greatness from mediocrity.





The human brain is hard wired for story. A brand is a story that’s constantly being told. This means we have the potential to create lifelong relationships with those who engage with our brands as long as we continue to provide consistent value when sharing our story. The most effective tool we have to Do this is video.

What we can help you achieve

Personal or corporate branding | Brand Awareness | Brand Storytelling | Product Storytelling | Standing out in the crowd

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